Potion London caught up with the Australian Beauty Blogger, Emily Crawford, creator of the beauty & lifestyle blog Why Hello Beauty, to find out how she spends her days and juggles her full time job with her beauty blogging…


As a beauty blogger who still works full time, Mondays to Fridays are spend working in the office. But because I don’t want to bore you with a day running the office, I thought I would share a typical Saturday for me, which is when I am able to do the bloggin’ thing all day!


To be honest, I do tend to sleep in on weekends and leisurely wake up & eat breakfast. I do have a very cute and functional home office, which I’ll use of an evening during the week, but generally on a Saturday I’ll unplug the laptop and work on the couch. I do try to shower first because otherwise I’ll get typing away and realize it’s like 1pm and I’ve done nothing other than eat breakfast, but hey it’s the weekend. Once I’ve showered and got dressed, it’s back into brainstorming upcoming post ideas, replying to emails, checking in with my favourite FB blogger groups and uploading a few image on Insta + FB throughout the morning.

I’m not much of a pre-planner for scheduling social media uploads, as I like to share things as I see or create them, but from time to time I do schedule certain things for certain days. I do tend to share images on social around the times of 8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm and 8pm, but as I said I’m not much of a pre-planner and this can sometimes go by the wayside.

On the weekends I do try to draft up a batch of blog posts that I can come back over the next few weeks to finalise and publish – right now I have 9 posts that I am currently working on! Sometimes it’s just a particular image that I’ll need to get right before I can publish, which is what my Saturday arvo’s consist of.


So after lunch and if the weather is good + bright, it’s photography time. This is when I get my photographer hat on and start taking some shots, whether it’s a pretty flatlay or insta-worthy PR packages or simply a shot to upload along with a blog post. I don’t like to use artificial light or take photos in the evening, so I do schedule out my weekends so I can spend a few hours snapping away – heaven help me if it’s raining! The last few weeks have been shocking weather wise in Tasmania so I have a HUGE backlog of photos to take this weekend, wish me luck!

Once I’m satisfied with the photos I’ve taken on my marble background, I will start editing some of the photos with either Instagram or VSCO Cam, if they are to be uploaded asap. Otherwise I will pack this all up and start trialling some new products, so that I can upload images to social with my review captioned. I do like to take photos of products before I begin to trial them, cos well they are much prettier when brand new! Plus, if I don’t use the images – I’ll just delete it. Not everything I receive or trial will make it to my blog or social, I reserve all platforms for my most-loved products.

In the evenings, I will check in on social again, chat some more in FB groups (this is where so many of my collabs come from!) or just read some inspiring books. Currently I’m loving Love X Life X Style, How to be Parisian wherever you are, Women of the Town, and Chapter 1 by Daniel Flynn. I also catch up on cool blogs or mags like ELLE, VOGUE or ALLURE to see what’s new and hot right now. Hopefully some ideas or inspiration will flow after this and I’ll jot down some notes for flatlays or blog posts.

I try to get a good night’s sleep every night but the days that I blog and have ideas swirling around in my head tend to keep me up later, but if I can sleep in the next day – I’ll live with it! I’ll often decide to check my blog design late at night for some reason, or decide to change some featured images. Otherwise its sleep time and I’m done  being a blogger for the day!

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