Crystal skincare really is a thing! The healing, calming and balancing power of crystals have been harnessed in this new ‘high-vibe’ skincare brand, HOLISTICA.

We caught up with founder Becky Symes to find our more…


Hi Becky! We love your new brand and all of your beautiful products. What’s the idea behind the brand and what made you launch it?

Thank you so much for your kind words.

The brand evolved from my combined love of skin and wellness. Growing up, I always had a passion for beauty and cosmetics, and then when I studied nutrition I was fascinated to learn the way in which we quite literally build our body with the nutritional choices we make. I was amazed that what we applied topically could have an effect on our health as well as what we consumed, and was immediately drawn to how we could better our skin food options.

At the same time, I realised that there was another dimension to the relationship we had with our skin. Personally I struggled with problematic skin which was annoying but never anything severe. But it was the harmful way that I treated myself at this time that was much more problematic. How harshly I judged myself, how I put elements of my life on hold until it was clearer and in a way refused to fully live my life.  It wasn’t until I worked at creating a more conscious relationship of self-acceptance that I realised how much we as women hide behind the myth of perfection and self-sabotage our fullest potential.

Our skin is so very unique and therefore the ways we choose to feed it needs to be unique. The products themselves were formulated to be natural organic blends of plant magic, but the real skin healing comes in the ritual we create for ourselves.


Your website talks about high-vibe beauty – what is it and how do we get it?!

 High-vibe for me is the combination of both the skin healing ingredients, and the pure intentions behind your skin ritual.

All of the products are hand-crafted with cold-pressed seed oils, healing floral waters and potent superfoods, and activated with the healing energy of crystals, but it is the ritual of connection that we add that really activates your skin’s ability to heal. This isn’t terribly complex. It’s as simple as meeting yourself in the mirror and being mindful about your inner dialogue. Creating a sacred skin ritual where you can recognise the ups of the day that you have gratitude for and forgive yourself for the things that were less than ideal. Accepting the skin you see reflected and the person underneath it. It is this combination of product and ritual that is designed to nourish your skin on a cellular level and feed your soul on a spiritual one.


Some of the Holistica products contain crystals – what effect do crystals have on the skin?

Okay so Science lesson 101, crystals have the ability to send + receive light (the highest universal energy known). They draw in this light energy, reflect it within their internal structure, and transmit it outwards. This process is a pretty potent force which can be harnessed for physical + metaphysical healing. And because we fan-girl over skin wellness, the decision to infuse this super high-vibe healing into our plant powered products. ⠀

Our Mists are charged with individually selected gemstones that are kept infusing for a constant charging effect. And our Treatments and Elixirs are pre-charged on our Selenite Charging Plate (something we’re actually looking to bring to your dressing table soon).


Can the products be used on all skin types or are there specific products for different types of skin?

We’ve formulated our collections based not on the traditional skin types but on SKINTENTIONS. These SKINTENTIONS are inspired by the three goals that we see most women reach for; to glow, balance and nourish. What this means is that you can custom create a skin care routine for the skin that you want, rather than blanket treating it.

For example I am Glowing takes dull and lacklustre skin and aims to increase brightness, maintain hydration and control pollution/sun damage. Whereas I am Balanced trains skin to normalise oil production without denying it moisture, aiming to detoxify congestion and leave skin calm + clear. Finally I am Nourished gives skin an extra bit of love and hydration , soothing and breathing life into dry areas.


Which is your favourite product from the range?

This is such a toss-up. I literally love them all. I choose my crystal mists based on my mood, but I would say my current staples as the weather starts to cool down are The Skin Whisperer treatment and the Balance elixir. With the return to central heating, my skin can get a little freaked out so the Balance Elixir is keeping any breakouts in check. The Skin Whisperer is the ultimate calming force. Literally feels like a hug for dry, stressed and temperamental complexions.


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