We had a chat with Rebecca Tinker, Womenswear International Buyer at Harvey Nichols, about how she stays relaxed and healthy during the craziness of London Fashion Week.


Rebecca, your schedule is jam-packed over LFW. What do you eat for breakfast to set you up for the day?

Time is something of a luxury during fashion month, so before I head out the door, I try to make a smoothie or juice that will kick start my day with a healthy dose of Maca Powder, to help maintain my energy levels. I also ensure that I take my daily dose of Potion London’s Eat Your Greens, which is a great way to ensure I’m getting all the right nutrients when I’m starved of time.


We’re glad to hear that the Potion London Greens supplement keeps you going! During the shows do you have a favourite coffee shop for when you need a pick-me-up?

I try to avoid coffee when I’m not in market, but for fashion week it becomes a necessity in the mornings.  My tolerance to strong coffees is quite pitiful, I fear when I’m in Milan, I’m put to shame with how milky I take my brew, instead of the preferred expresso! My go to London haunt for coffee on the go is Timberyard, when I’m in the area.


When you’re on the go all day you must have to be super prepared. What are your handbag essentials to have with you during the shows?

Carrying a phone charger isn’t always do-able, particularly as I’m an advocate for a micro bag, so I tend to charge my phone on the go when I’m in the back of an uber. Though this season I’ll be toting a Gianoi bag, which has a built in charger and will keep my phone topped up with juice while on the move. Other handbag essentials include a travel size perfume, I love Bryedo’s Gypsy Water, my trusted Uriage lip balm that I picked up during PFW and now depend on, my two phones (work and personal) and with the weather set to be beautiful for this upcoming LFW, I plan to make the most of my new Cutler and Gross sunglasses.


London Fashion Week takes you all over London. Where are your favourite places to go when you need a break from the shows?

Depending on the location of the shows I might stop by Soho House for if I’m in need of a quick respite, or Dean Street Townhouse to refuel. When I’m in central, I often grab a coffee from the Monocle Café and browse the Mouki Mou on Chiltern Street. When I’m heading east, I always take the opportunity to drop by Modern Society, a great pit-stop for food and photography.


LFW is a mix of busy days full of shows and even busier nights full of parties. Do you have any go-to beauty products to freshen you up in the morning ready to start all over again?

I’m currently using products from the Sunday Riley collection. When my skin is looking a little dull I will mix my cleanser with my Good Genes treatment to create a mask and leave on the skin for 10-15 minutes while I finish my hair; it instantly refreshes and revives my skin. I swear by Rosehip Oil, so will use this morning and night when on trips to ensure a clear complexion. As my base I use Chantecaille Just Skin as its light and dewy, and then use an Armani concealer for those darker areas. For a golden glow, I use a Chantecaille bronzer with RMS blusher and highlighter to finish, both are creams and organic, which is great when you’re wearing make-up all day long and potentially having to re-apply on the go – they also come in purse friendly little pots too.


Rebecca thank you for the low-down on your London Fashion Week survival techniques, have a great LFW!