Probiotic skincare – how to harness the power of probiotics in your skincare for your best skin ever!
We all know that probiotics are great for our insides, helping to improve digestion, reduce bloating, alleviate intolerances, and even thought to help improve depression, anxiety, skin problems and a whole host of other health benefits.
But did you know that probiotics can also benefit your skin from the outside?
For years we have been told that all bacteria is bad and that we should be using anti-bacterial products to kill these nasty germs. However, not all types of bacteria are bad, and many bacteria are beneficial for our skin. The problem with products like anti-bacterial hand wash and face wash is that they also kill these good bacteria which are vital for the good health of our skin.
We spoke to Marie Drago from Gallinée to get the insider information on exactly why probiotics are so good for us.

“50% of the cells in our bodies are bacterial cells. This microbiome is incredibly important as it helps absorb food, trains the immune system and regulates mood. The skin microbiome protects skin against aggressions, keeps the immune system in check and reduces inflammation.”

So it makes sense that instead of killing the bacteria on our skin with antibacterial products, we should be nurturing this amazing ecosystem to keep our skin happy and healthy.
The next generation of skincare harnesses these good bacteria to not only feed the skin but also feed the good bacteria that live on the skin, allowing them to thrive and protect your skin naturally.
Now that we know how good probiotic skincare is for our skin, which ones should we be trying?

We’ve curated our pick of the 5 best probiotic skincare brands here:
1. Gallinee

2. Glowbiotics

3. Aurelia

4. Oskia

5. Murad

If you suffer from skin problems like dry skin or breakouts, it can be tempting to use overly astringent or overly rich products to try to correct the problem, but using gentle probiotic skincare might just be the answer you have been looking for.
Combine the benefits of using probiotic skincare with taking a daily probiotic supplement such as Potion London’s The Probiotic to benefit your bacterial ecosystem from the inside-out.