How to get strong nails

Strong nails can be yours.

Do you have soft, brittle nails or do they grow to a certain length and then break? Do you wish you had strong, healthy nails that you can grow long?

You can have them! Let’s begin with looking at exactly what nails are made up of, to understand how we can help to improve them.

The nail plate, which is the hard nail that we see, is made up of several layers of dead, compacted cells which can’t rejuvenate. Because of this, it’s hard to improve the health of nails just by using treatments, creams and oils. Any improvement will just be to the appearance of the nail.

To improve the health of the nail itself, we must feed them from within, and build healthy cells when they are alive, before they grow out to become the nail.

Nutrients that help to build strong, healthy nails include Zinc, which contributes to the maintenance of healthy cells, and can help to reduce white spots on fingernails. Foods that contain zinc include shellfish, seeds, nuts and eggs.

Calcium is one of the most in-demand nutrients in the body, and is essential for strong and healthy bones, teeth, muscles and nails. Calcium-rich foods include dairy products, almonds, sardines, leafy greens.

Hair and nails are made primarily of a protein called keratin. Eating foods high in protein gives the body the amino acids it needs to make keratin. Lean meat, eggs, dairy and nuts are great sources of protein.

Supplements can also help by delivering specific doses of nutrients to help develop healthy nails.  The Potion London Beauty Formula contains the optimum combination of targeted vitamins and minerals to feed hair, skin and nails from within, resulting in beautifully strong and healthy nails.

And luckily, because nails grow quickly, it doesn’t take long to see the results!