What really happens when you don’t take your makeup off at night?


We’ve all been there. One too many pornstar martinis and your bathroom just feels too far away. Or perhaps you’re just feeling extra lazy and couldn’t possibly muster the strength to walk an extra 10 meters to the sink and remove that pesky waterproof mascara.

Don’t worry girl, here at Potion London, we get it.

So we all want to know, is it really that bad to leave your makeup on overnight? Even if it’s just once in a while?

Turns out, the answer is a simple, resounding yes.

We’re going to break down 4 reasons why you should drag your toosh to the bathroom (or at least to a wet wipe) and take the day off.


1) You’re more susceptible to eye infections:

Leaving eye makeup on runs of the risk of small particles making their way into your eyes and can cause nasty infections! So remember to thoroughly take off any mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow before you go to sleep. Click here to see some horror stories (if you’re squeamish, look away now!).


2) Your eyelashes will suffer:

Whilst we’re on the topic of eyes, leaving your mascara on can potentially damage your eyelashes, leaving them brittle and prone to thinning and, gulp, falling out! We’re all about those fluttery lashes, so unless you’re willing to fork out cash on expensive extensions, make sure you get rid of any mascara residue before you snooze!


3) Your pout won’t be so appealing:

Say goodbye to kissable lips if you make the mistake of leaving lip products on overnight! The wax in lipsticks and glosses can create build up in the pores surrounding your mouth, leaving you with unsightly blackheads.


4) Your pores will be crying out for help:

This may sound dramatic but stay with us; leaving foundation on overnight may be the biggest beauty crime of them all. Not only are you not washing off any product you’ve put on your skin, but when leaving foundation on you’re also neglecting to rid your skin of the grime, dirt and pollution that it’s been subjected to throughout the day. Especially if you live in London where the air pollution is well documented (and downright gross, remember those black boogies you got when first moving to the city?!) our skin needs to breathe in order to regenerate. If we forget to take it off, our skin will struggle to shed old skin cells, develop collagen and therefore maintain a youthful, hydrated appearance. AKA, wrinkles and breakouts are much more likely to rear their heads if you don’t take your makeup off at night!


So does all of this sound convincing but a part of you still knows you won’t always take your makeup off at night? Follow these Potion London tips to ensure you wake up with beautiful skin every day.

1) Keep makeup remover by your bedside table with some cotton pads to eradicate ‘the bathroom is too far’ excuse.

2) If you’re heading out for the evening, leave some face wipes on your pillow as a gentle reminder! Taking as much off as you can is better than doing nothing.

3) Why not go the extra mile the next morning and take some Potion London supplements to encourage beautiful, youthful looking skin? Try our Collagen Boost to promote collagen production, skin elasticity and improve hydration!


Got any tips of your own? We’d love to hear them!