The 5 benefits of going organic


In a recent blog post, we highlighted the “Dirty Dozen” and “Clean Fifteen” – a list of fruit and vegetables released by the Environmental Working Group each year that are best to eat organic (the Dirty Dozen) or fine to eat non-organic (the Clean Fifteen).


But is it better to eat organic food? We are told that with the foods on the ‘dirty’ list, even though they may contain traces of pesticides and fertilizers, that they’re still perfectly safe to eat and well below unsafe levels of toxins.


So what are the benefits of going organic?


The benefits of eating organic go beyond just the presence of pesticides. We’ve listed below the main benefits of choosing to eat organic, and the benefits extend to dairy foods and meat, not just fruit and veggies!


Fewer Pesticides

The effects of ingesting traces of pesticides are not proven however there have been concerns over the safety of pesticides. (1)


More Healthy Fats

In a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, researchers found than organic milk and meat contain around 50% more beneficial omega-3 fatty acids than the non-organic equivalents. This has been attributed to a better diet and outdoor rearing of organic animals. (2)


No Antibiotics

Non-organic livestock can be fed antibiotics even when they don’t need them, to help prevent the spread of illnesses. Traces of these antibiotics can then make their way into consumers. And this widespread use of antibiotics is contributing to the global problem of antibiotic resistance.


No added hormones

Growth hormones are also given to non-organic animals to make them grow quicker, gain weight faster or produce more milk. These hormones are then consumed by people and it is thought to lead to a higher risk of cancer.  (3)


More antioxidants?

One research study has found that organic onions had 20% more antioxidants than conventional onions. However this isn’t the case for every study that has been done, with many studies finding no difference in nutrient levels across organic and non-organic foods. (4)


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