Top 10 hydrating foods


As the temperature soars, it’s important to stay hydrated, both for our skin and for our overall health. Every single cell in our bodies require water to function efficiently.

In the summer we start to crave fresher, lighter foods like salads and juicy fruits. This is no coincidence – we have evolved to crave the foods our bodies need as the seasons change and our nutritional needs change.

As well as drinking plenty of water, a great way of ensuring we stay hydrated in warm weather is to get our water from food. Eating a diet full of hydrating foods will ensure a slow release of water into our bloodstream to keep our bodies working efficiently.

Here’s our top 10 list of hydrating foods to fill up on this summer:


Cucumber – 96% water

The most hydrating food you can eat and is so refreshing.

Tomatoes – 95% water

One of our favourite foods, click here for more reasons to love tomatoes.

Spinach – 93% water

A great source of iron, eat it with foods high in vitamin C such as peppers, to help your body absorb the iron.

Melon – 92% water

Can you think of a more summery fruit? Enjoy this alone cut into slices for a cooling snack.

Strawberries – 91% water

The shops are full of delicious British strawberries at the moment. We love them in our morning smoothie.

Broccoli – 90% water

A versatile vegetable which goes with anything. We love it with teriyaki salmon and brown rice.

Peaches – 89% water

Tinned or fresh, peaches are a sweet and juicy snack. Top them with healthy greek yoghurt or quark for a high protein snack.

Oranges – 86% water

High in fibre and full of vitamin C.

Apples – 85% water

For a change, eat an apple with some blue cheese, we promise you’ll love it.

Blueberries 84% water

One of our all-time favourites, click here for more reasons to love blueberries.

For even more hydrating foods check out this article on Healthline.