We sat down with the Yoga and Fitness Instructor and Health Coach, Emily Cohen, to find out all about her and how she stays healthy and achieves balance in this busy world.

Hi Emily! Tell us a bit about yourself, how did you get to be such an incredible all round health and fitness guru?

Well it all started when I learnt the importance of living a simple, healthy lifestyle in today’s crazy, busy world. After training as a yoga instructor I quickly realised it wasn’t all just about separately focusing on exercise or food – it was about the fusion, the combination of what we love, what we enjoy that nourishes our minds and our bodies to create that happy, healthy and ultimately balanced life we all dream of.

Through my own experiences and knowledge, I now want to teach people the importance of a balanced lifestyle and how to eat well, move well and breathe well in our hectic day-to-day lives. We must all remember that healthy is not a diet, a ‘fad’, a week or month’s choice, it is a lifestyle that can easily and seamlessly be introduced into yours through just a few simple small steps which will ultimately achieve long-lasting results!


Sounds amazing! We love the look of your yoga and fitness classes. Where can we come along to one of your sessions?

Yes, please do come along, I would love that! You can find me teaching Power Yoga at Core Collective (High Street Kensington) on Mondays at 7pm, Tuesdays at 7am and Wednesdays at 7am. I also teach at Paola’s Bodybarre in Fulham on Wednesdays at 6.30pm (TRX), and Fridays at 6.15am (HIIT & TONE) & 7am (Cardio Barre).


Great, we’ll be along soon! Do you have a favourite type of fitness that you like to do yourself when you’re not teaching?

I find the key is to do what you love and what you enjoy – I mean if you dread that next spin on your bike or that next step on the treadmill you are never going to really go and give it your all are you? So find what it is that works for you, vary it up, try something new, keep it exciting and interesting… I love to mix it up daily with a fusion of HIIT, body strengthening and conditioning and yoga. I love the Velocity and Resistance classes at Core Collective and head almost daily to The Power Yoga Company.


You’re a woman of many talents – you are also a qualified Nutritional Health Consultant as well as fitness and yoga instructor – how do you manage to juggle all of your commitments?

Finding the time is always tricky… but the key is to find the balance in what you love and enjoy – to work hard, to have fun and to smile. Yes, it is key to be organised and to plan for every day ahead but I find the best tip for this is if you start the day right, by the means you wish it to go on you will succeed, you will get everything it is you need to get done. For me, I prioritise my mental and physical health first thing – I try to train in the morning and never leave the house before my protein fuelled brekkie, otherwise I will never get anything done! Just remember…. “success is not the key to happiness; happiness is the key to success. If you love what you do, you will be successful.”


You sound so busy what with teaching all over London, working with other brands, planning events and creating all that fabulous content on your website. How do you make sure that you eat well on the move, and do you have any recommendations for us of great places to eat healthily?

My days can be crazy and busy so I always do my best to make sure I’m prepped and ready for my day ahead, if I’m out early I’ll prep for the day ahead the night before. I never leave the house without a good nourishing brekkie first and I’m rarely spotted without my green shake on tap! In London, we’re lucky though – there are some great little spots to get that quick healthy fix on-the-go. My favourites, and I must say I make weekly trips to, are Core Collective (High Street Kensington), St Clements (Parsons Green), Farm Girl Café (Notting Hill), Angies (Chiswick)… ooohh and when central I love making a trip to Ethos. Also I’m a lover of matcha and no-one makes it better than my fave coffee baristas at Shot Espresso (Fulham & Parsons Green).


Thanks for the tips, we will be ticking these off the list very soon. We also love the sound of your health coaching, it sounds right up our street. What’s involved in a session and how do we sign up?!

Each programme is different…every single one is tailored to each client. Each bespoke programme is designed to get you to seamlessly achieve those health and wellness goals you have always dreamed of. My approach however is the same – I will teach you to listen to your body and nourish yourself through simple yet lasting lifestyle changes. You will gain an understanding into how everything we do and eat affects how we think, feel and look. You will build a healthy relationship with food, learn to understand cravings and how to eat to nourish your body. You will glow, find balance, combat stress, maximize energy, sleep better, lose weight, cook delicious healthy meals and ultimately feel truly amazing! To sign up, head on over to my website or email me (details below).


We’ll do just that! We developed the Potion London range to help people achieve optimum nutrition as a part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, as we know first-hand that it can be difficult to always get the right amount of nutrients just from food in this modern world. What are your views on food supplements and do you use any yourself?

Firstly, I believe that we should always aim to get as many nutrients and vitamins from the fresh foods we eat, however I know due to our crazy lifestyles and the environment and climate we live in this can of course be challenging – therefore to ensure my body works to its optimum I compliment my diet with a few supplements daily to give my body everything it needs. I take vitamin D3, B12, a probiotic and a multi-vit.

When taking supplements, it is key to note that they must be consumed with the correct diet to ensure that our bodies are able to absorb them effectively to gain the full benefits. Potion London has made this super easy by combining all the necessary enzymes, nutrients and vitamins together in 1 capsule to take the hard work out of supplements. I particularly love the Collagen Boost, Bone Formula and Eat Your Greens from the range.


Your latest retreat in Somerset looked so dreamy, do you have plans to do any more soon?

Yes, 100% it was amazing – so dreamy!! There are certainly a few more in the pipeline… some near and some afar…so keep your eyes peeled for more information to be released soon. Stay tuned on my Instagram, website, Facebook and Twitter to be the first the hear and book your spot!


We definitely will! When you’re not running around London teaching classes and coaching private clients, what do you like to do to relax?

My first place to relax and switch off is my yoga mat! London is hectic, we never stop so I find my real place of calm and ultimate relaxation while on my mat. Its my time to tune in and nourish my body and mind!


Where is your favourite holiday destination?

Now this is a tricky one – as long as there is sunshine, sand and sea – I’m there!


Good answer! We find ourselves reaching for the choccy biscuits all too often, well life is all about balance hey? (That’s how we justify it anyway!)… What’s your guilty pleasure when it comes to food?

It is all about the balance – you must never deprive or restrict yourself from what you love – how is that ever going to make you happy! It is just about the balance – everything in moderation. Eat healthy 80% of the time and then you still have 20% to enjoy all those guilty pleasures! Mine? Easy peasy – every time chocolate fondant – I’m a choccy queen – rarely a day goes by when I haven’t tucked into a least one square of something. But my ultimate fave is a hot, fudgey, gooey, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate fondant! Oh and I LOVE PIZZA!


Emily, you are our kinda girl!

For some yummy, healthy, guilt-free treat recipes head on over to the recipe section on Emily’s website  (the strawb bruschetta is a particular favourite of ours!) www.emilycohen.co.uk/recipes


You can also find Emily at:


Instagram @emilycohenhealth

Twitter @e_cohenhealth

Email emily@emilycohen.co.uk