Confidence, Healing and Transformation with Amy Rushworth


Hi Amy! You’re a Transformation Coach – can you tell us a bit about what that entails?

Of course! I am a Transformation Coach, one of the world’s leading confidence experts, speakers, healing facilitator and host of The Amy Rushworth Show podcast. I’m on a soul-driven mission to guide people all over the world to ignite their inner fire, transform their confidence and blaze their dream path. 

Through my coaching programs, my online confidence academy, retreats and The Amy Rushworth Show podcast, I support those who are unfulfilled and burning out, to free themselves from unhealthy patterns and pursue what truly lights their soul up. I’m obsessed with helping people turn their rock bottom into an opportunity to harness inner strength and manifest major, life-changing transformations. Some people come to me because they want to heal from a traumatic experience or transform their confidence, while others find me because they want to call in their soulmate, start a business or reinvent their entire life. I’m in the business of big transformations and helping people to rise up in their lives powerfully. 


You’ve had a very personal and emotional journey that lead you to become a Coach – what led you to deciding to turn your life around?

In my mid 20s, I was in a very dark place. On the outside I kept it together, but deep down I was depressed, self-loathing and self-destructive. I worked hard, but I also numbed myself with constant diets, drinking, drugs, cycles of self-sabotage and toxic relationships. I had little self-worth and no self-belief. My decade-long downward spiral came to an abrupt rock bottom when I found myself bedridden with pneumonia, panic attacks and PTSD as I struggled to cope with the aftermath of a breakup and unresolved traumas from my past. Faced with suicidal thoughts and potentially being medicated, I knew I had to make some radical changes.

Although the lowest point in my life, a stronger spark was born inside me that couldn’t be put out. I was determined to heal myself on every level and turn my life around. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Initially it began with learning how to engage in healthier behaviours around food and alcohol, but soon I became obsessed with self-help books, going to yoga and learning about manifestation. Over a period of 2 years, I had radically changed my friendship circle, quit dieting, gotten sober, quit my job and moved to London. 

Now, I wake up everyday feeling excited, grateful, energised and proud of who I am. Over the course of the last five years, I’ve transformed my life but I’ve also tapped into my true gifts as a coach and healer, helping people to transform their minds and feel more confident, happy and free.  I believe this transformation is available to anyone who is willing to do the inner work. All you need, is a little spark and the courage to take that first, small step towards healing.


We love that you talk about confidence a lot – this is such a common problem for people and especially women and girls. Do you have any tips to help people feel more confident day-to-day?

Definitely check out my podcast — The Amy Rushworth Show — where I share in-depth training, tools and expert interviews centred on confidence, empowerment and living your dream life. 

If you want to feel more confident, personal development is a non-negotiable. We are all born confident — babies don’t have self-doubt. Therefore self-doubt is a story that we learn. If we want to re-write that story to feel radiantly confident, we have to start with creating tons of self-awareness and self-acceptance in order to transcend the limiting beliefs that get in the way of our confidence and self-worth. I created the Make Your Magic Academy and my Retreats to help people do this immersive work. 


You have your own podcast (which we LOVE, by the way!). Who has been your favourite guest so far?

I love them all and I love doing my solo episodes too as I always have so much to share! I especially love to talk about the divine feminine, periods, vaginas and all things sex so I feel like these are usually my favourite conversations on the podcast.


And who would be your dream podcast guest?

I’d love to interview Layla Martin, Brene Brown, Arianna Huffington or Marie Forleo.


What book(s) would you recommend that everyone reads, and why?

So many books I could recommend, but If you’re a woman who wants to harness the power of your emotions and cultivate more confidence in who you are, I feel like the must reads are:

– Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

– Her Blood Is Gold by Lara Owen

– A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle


Do you have a morning and/or evening routine?

I have a lot of healthy rituals I dip in and out of rather than a set routine. I’m an Enthusiast Enneagram personality type so I like to chop and change and shake things according to my mood and energy. One of my non negotiable morning habits is a coffee and a morning workout — doing it in the morning sets me up for the day ahead and makes me feel strong and more productive. I do allow myself to change up the style of exercise depending on where I am in my menstrual cycle and what I am vibing that day. I also love my morning gratitude practice.

Before bed I usually have a long hot shower to unwind, apply some luxurious body oil and do a bit of breast massage (amazing for opening up the heart chakra and connecting to your divine feminine / pleasure centres of the body) and then I will spend a bit of time reading or cuddling and sharing about my day with my husband.


And finally, what would you tell your 20 year old self?

You’re in for a crazy ride darling, but you’re going to rise up brighter and bolder than you could ever imagine. Hang in there, remember that you are worthy of love and become your own best friend. You don’t have anything to prove to anyone.



Amy Rushworth is a leading Transformation Coach & Confidence Healer helping women worldwide to ignite their fire and confidently blaze their dream path. Through her coaching and healing programs, transformation retreats and The Amy Rushworth Show podcast, Amy guides her clients to cultivate the inner strength to manifest major, life-changing transformations and get their spark back. Whether you’re looking to heal your anxiety, find your purpose, call in a soulmate, harness more pleasure or reinvent your well-being, Amy can support you to reclaim your fire and rise up powerfully in your life.



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