GreenBox is the new sustainable wellness destination we’ve all been waiting for. We chat to Paul, the co-founder of GreenBox to find out more…

Hi Paul, please can you tell us a bit about the ethos behind GreenBox and what inspired you to start it? 

As a parent of young children, we were stressed out and tired and looking for ways to improve my health while also helping the planet.   We initially tried some CBD on my knee for an injury and was amazed at the results.  We did some initial research into plant-based remedies and found a rich world of solutions to our everyday health ailment, all from mother nature.  We started GreenBox as a platform to get the message out about plant-based wellness and to educate on the benefits of hemp and CBD. We also wanted to ensure this was a sustainable business with purpose and one that did not hurt the planet.   

We love your focus on plant-based wellness brands. How do you choose which brands to stock?

There are a few conditions that need to be met.  The products need to strive to be mostly plant-based, vegan, and sustainably sourced.  It is a bonus if the entire packaging is sustainable as well, but this is not always possible.  After these conditions, we speak with the founder of the brand to understand what the brand is all about.  We are searching for brands that align with our vision of providing more holistic solutions to people. We do not aim to stock a lot of brands; we prefer to have a dedicated group we can get behind.  

One perk of your job must be trying all the products! What has been your favourite brand or product discovery so far?

We do try every product we stock, and the ones we considering. This is a good thing (usually), but sometimes there are some awful products out there. We tried a CBD coffee once that was just dreadful. Our favourite brand discovery so far has been the Love Hemp jelly domes Love Hemp Jelly Domes which are a great introduction into CBD, and they taste great as well. It is a great post-meal relaxer.  

What is the one wellness product that you cannot live without? 

Our Ayucana CBD Oil, which we take every day.  This is one of the highest quality CBD oils on the market and is one of our most popular sellers. We also love the Potion London Eat Your Greens. Our nutritionist recommended getting more spirulina in our diet, which normally comes in the form of a green powder. It tastes awful and resembles a green slime when mixed with liquid. We take the Eat Your Greens daily, which provides the super greens we need at an affordable price.  

Do you have a morning or evening self-care routine? 

We wake up early, usually between 4 and 5am. It’s something we have done since we used to row in University. After doing some work, we usually go for a run, take some CBD oil and Eat Your Green supplements. The evening is more of a wind down, and we are big fans of the mindfulness sessions from Tamara Levitt on the calm app.  

And finally, can you give us any sneak previews about what we can expect from GreenBox in the future? 

There is always something exciting in the pipeline!  As our motto is to be the leaders in sustainable wellbeing. This means being kind to ourselves and the planet. Soon, we will be sponsoring an environmental reclamation project in the U.K. We will be donating to the project and given our customers to add a donation to their order. Unlike other sustainability schemes, we will be auditing the project, and will provide updates on the positive impact we are making on the planet. We will also be relaunching the Cerious brand with higher strengths (due to customer demand) and new packaging.  Stat tuned!

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