Our latest wellness obsession is the Natural Wellness box which delivers a package of natural health and beauty to your door. Perfect for gifts or a regular little treat to discover new brands! We caught up with founder Catherine Fieldhouse to get her insider wellness secrets…


Can you tell us about Natural Wellness Box and what inspired you to start it?

Natural Wellness Box is a unique bi-monthly subscription box featuring products to help you achieve complete wellness from the inside out. We feature a balanced collection of natural beauty & skincare, superfoods/supplements, healthy snacks and healthy drinks/herbal teas. We focus on beauty and health as a whole, and we want to help women feel beautiful on the inside too! Everything we feature is suitable for Vegans, cruelty free and gluten free.

I started Natural Wellness Box, because I love natural beauty, natural health alternatives and staying healthy. I could find a box that had all these. There where boxes for beauty, supplement boxes, snack boxes, but nothing that combined all three. I wanted to create something special that ticked all the boxes and provided a complete wellness and beauty experience!


We love that the products featured in your boxes are natural and chemical free and have a range of beauty, health and wellness products. How do you choose which brands to feature?

I’ve always had an eye for unique products and love searching out new brands, as well as finding out more about the brands that are more widely available. I keep up to date with current trends by reading all the latest magazines, Instagram, blogs and check out what’s new and popular on larger natural retail websites. I personally pick out the products myself and only feature something if I like the branding, ethos, quality of product and with snacks, if they taste good! A few products I’ve featured have been things I have tried before, fell in love with and just had to share!


One perk of your job must be trying all the products! Have you discovered any new brands or products through your boxes that you recommend we try?

You just can’t go wrong with products from Evolve, BAO Skincare, Juno and Evering Botanique are brands to watch out for and the Skin & Tonic Calm Balm smelled amazing! Health wise the alchemy superblends were fantastic, and also the best hangover cure, and we all loved the Potion London Eat Your Greens! Snack and drinks wise, Superfoodio, Creative Nurture, Squirrel Sisters, Tapped Birch Water and Aduna Teas.


What has been your favourite brand or product in your boxes so far?

It’s hard to choose just one as they’re all amazing. But I love the crystal infused mist that we have just featured by Holistica Skin.


And finally, can you give us any sneak previews about what products we can expect in Natural Wellness Box in future?

Now the January box has just been sent out, I’m already planning our March box, which will themed around beauty sleep! So expect gorgeous night time skincare and how to achieve a good night’s sleep from the inside!


Check out the Natural Wellness box at https://naturalwellnessbox.co.uk