Pruv is a nutrition and wellness ‘one-stop-shop’ – a must visit for anyone who is interested in wellbeing. There you will find nutrition advice, yummy recipes, and an online store offering the best in wellness.

We caught up with Fran, the nutritional health coach behind Prϋv, to find out more…


Hi Fran, we love your website, Articles about nutrition, recipes and a shop all under one roof – when did you start it and what gave you the idea?

The shop was launched earlier this year, in March in fact. It evolved from my Health Coaching practice and blog which has been running for a couple of years now. Many of my clients would ask me where they could get hold of the sort of products I recommended to them on a daily basis. To start off with I just made some recommendations and then someone suggested it would be easier to have everything under one ‘roof’ as it were. That’s when we came up with the idea of setting up a specialist multi-vendor platform and having a highly curated selection of healthy foodie and wellness products that would appeal to people who are interested in their health and on the look-out for quality products that are a bit unusual. The great thing is that we get to work with and support all sorts of really interesting artisanal start-ups. There is so much that is happening in the ‘healthy foodie’ space at the moment and it is very exciting to be a part of it!


Can you tell us a bit about why you became a health coach and what you love most about it?

For years I worked as a senior executive for a global company. My whole life was geared around other people’s agendas – family, children, employers, clients – and I suddenly woke up to the fact that I had been sacrificing my health as a consequence. I had turned into a sad, fat old bag and was struggling with depression, overweight and all sorts of joint pain. To be honest, I was quite scared, I thought ‘this is it, I am just going to get older and sicker and fatter and more miserable’. And then I thought ‘REALLY?’ there must be something I can do about this. And so began my journey.  For years I had been counting calories and cutting back on fat and wondering why I kept on getting fatter and unhappier so I thought I would start to try something else. Gradually I began to work out the connection between what we eat and how we feel – not just physically, but mentally as well – and it stopped just being about me and more about how I could share this with other people. So I took myself off to nutrition school and haven’t looked back. I find the whole subject completely fascinating and am now studying Functional Medicine so I can really drill down into the deep root causes of people’s issues.


You are so inspiring! What can we expect when we sign up to health coaching with you?

The company is named after my methodology – the Prϋv Protocol.  Prϋv stands for Paying Attention, Reviewing, Understanding and Validating. It is an iterative process that I take my clients through, designed to look at them as whole people, tune-in to what their bodies are trying to tell them (our symptoms are in fact messages from our body telling us what needs to change), de-code those messages and then develop a unique nutritional blueprint that will work specifically for that individual. And once we have that blueprint, I am there to provide support and encouragement to help you implement it – sometimes it is not just the ‘what’ that’s the problem, it’s more the ‘why’ or the ‘how. That’s where I come in. It is all very bespoke. No two clients are the same and therefore everyone has a unique experience of working with me. Sometimes the issue is relatively easy to resolve, sometimes we need to go round the track several times as we peel back the layers and get deeper and deeper into the heart of the issue.


Is there a food that you couldn’t live without?

Definitely, it’s watercress! I think watercress is just about the perfect food. Full of protein, iron, calcium and a whole host of minerals and phyto-nutrients it’s a total nutritional power-house. Energetically, watercress is considered to have influence over the fluids in the body so is very powerful at supporting the circulatory and lymph systems. It is also a powerful anti-oxidant supporting both of the liver de-tox phases and therefore wonderfully efficient at boosting our immunity and helping to manage hormone balance. And it has that delicious peppery flavour! Love it to bits!


Before we all run out to get some watercress, what’s your favourite product on your online shop that we should all check out?

Oh gosh, that’s a tricky one!  I love them all and we are signing up new products every day. Of course I love the Potion London ‘Eat Your Greens’ – the fact is that we simply cannot eat too many leafy greens and I am a firm believer in making it as easy as possible for people to make healthy choices. And this wonderful product absolutely fits the bill on that score! The other exciting thing is that we have just launched a gift subscription which means you can send someone you love (it could even be yourself!) a wonderful healthy product every month. Along with something delicious, healthy or just plain gorgeous, you will also receive specific health tips and recipes that will build over the length of the subscription into your own personal wellness guide. You can tailor-make your subscription to fit the needs of your recipient exactly – whether it’s gluten-free, weight loss or even menopause mastery –whatever, in fact, you feel may be the best thing for them. We love talking to our customers and are happy to make something up especially for them. As with the health coaching, I totally get that different people need or want different things!

Here at Potion London, we all think that Pruv is the best thing since sliced gluten-free bread! Thank you for sharing your fascinating story with us.

You can find Potion London supplements as well as a whole host of interesting and nutritious products, recipes and inspiration on the Pruv website

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