Surround sound meditation at Unwind London

Do you meditate? Chances are that you have heard about the many benefits of meditating – stress reduction, improved concentration, increased happiness and improved relationships, to name but a few – but do you practice it regularly? And have you ever tried surround sound meditation?

As accessible as meditation is nowadays thanks to the likes of the Headspace app, it can still be hard to get into meditation and to have the self-discipline to sit still, relax and do nothing else for up to 30 minutes a day.

This is where Unwind London comes in. The surround sound meditation experience harnesses all of the senses with candle-lit studios, snuggly blankets, relaxing aromatherapy oils and a soothing voice lulling you into a deep meditation. Guests are invited to sit or lie down, and make the experience a personal one to get the most out of it.

The surround sound guides you into a blissful state as you submit to the voice and let everything go. At the end of the experience you are gently brought back into the room, given green tea and invited to relax for a while until you’re ready to resume your day.

Unwind London founder Gian Power was inspired to bring the surround sound meditation concept to London following a trip to NYC in 2017 where he saw how popular and helpful the meditation studios there were.

Unwind London has been designed to be accessible to everyone – from complete beginners through to the keen meditators among us.

This is the must-try wellness experience of 2018, and once you experience it for yourself you will wonder how you ever did without it.

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