Workplace Wellness with Equanimity


Hi Hannah! You own Equanimity – can you tell us a bit about why you started it and what your business offers?

After spending most of my career in stressful sales roles, I came to the realisation I wanted to sell something I connected with and felt passionate about.  Fitness has always been part of my life and after qualifying as a yoga instructor, I migrated into the wellness industry. Working for a startup yoga brand initially, where I began to build my network and then finally took the plunge late 2018 to work on the concept of Equanimity. A wellness agency providing movement and mindfulness to businesses for their employee wellness programs. Using our network of yoga instructors, mindfulness coaches and therapists to deliver the experience.


Your business focuses on workplace wellness. Why do you think it’s so important for businesses to invest in their employees’ wellbeing?

With 1 in 4 of us are so stressed we are unable to cope and burnout now classed as a syndrome by the World Health Organisation, caused by chronic workplace stress, things have to change. – To be stressed has become the norm but its not sustainable and the evidence is there with 14.3 million days lost each year due to workplace stress leave. If employers invest in their people, they will invest in your business. Keeping your employees happy and healthy in turn creates a more productive workforce, reducing costs in absenteeism and staff turnover.

There is a shift with the millennial workforce expecting more so in time a wellness program is something that will become common practice.


What type of businesses use your services?

We have worked with co-working spaces, IT & Ad agencies, law firms, event companies. We also have a supplier relationship with wellness retreat agencies providing yoga instructors for their retreat days. Happy to work with anyone that wants to make their team or clients feel better.


And what would be the dream business to work with?

A company that wants to invest in their people, who is willing to offer a menu of daily movement and meditation classes and wellness workshops. They want to educate their team in how to look after their body and mind, particularly through times of stress. It amazing how little people know about how to take care of themselves.


Who inspires you?

Zanna van Dijk, she is such a wonderful influencer, she works so hard on both her businesses, as well as being an advocate for best practice of living on this planet. She really motivates me to do more.


What are your top three tips for people who might be suffering from work-induced burnout?

Exercise is an immediate stress reducer, we can’t help but feel better when we do it. Even just a 10 minute walk will reduce stress.

Breathe, even just 1 minute of deep conscious breaths will reduce stress.

Sleep, the single biggest contributor to feeling better so make getting 7-9 hours per night a priority. Sleep is as important as nutrition and exercise so don’t starve your body of it trying to cram too much into your day. Sleep is the only time our brain can repair itself.


How do you look after your own wellbeing?

Lots of exercise I train 5 days a week on an ideal week, 3 days HIIT / Strength training and the other two for yoga and pilates. I also walk at the weekends and cycle everywhere. I generally eat well, weekends I go a little off brief but what matters most is what we do most of the time….right?


Do you have a morning and/or evening routine?

My morning power hour inspired by Tony Robbins and Adrienne Herbert, firstly it’s a pint of water followed by a hot water with lemon to kick start the metabolism. Meditation is next, I aim for 10 to 15 minutes and part of this practice is to incorporate my gratitude list and set intentions for what I want to achieve that day. If you constantly remind yourself of your goals and all you are thankful for, it keeps you focused, grounded and sets you up for a great day. Even on our darkest days, we can always find one thing to be grateful for – we’re still breathing for one! Now it’s time to move, gym gear on, jump on the bike to get to Metabolic, my favourite studio in London for a HIIT workout, @craigcalverfitness pushes you to your limits but I secretly love it.

In the evening the only ritual I have is part of getting to sleep, when I close my eyes I run my day through my head, like a showreel and I think about all the good things that happened. If we go to sleep feeling content we have a much better sleep, well I do anyway. If my mind is still buzzing I do some breathing exercises, as soon as we focus on our breath, we disconnect from our mind.


Do you have any non-negotiable wellness habits/rituals that you cannot live without?

Being thankful every day.

My hot water and lemon.

Meditation has helped me so much over the years I could never stop now.

Getting my 5 a day minimum and 2 litres of water.



What are your favourite books or podcasts?

Jay Shetty Podcast – great for wellness insight from both celebrities he has interviewed as well as scientists.

Thrive Global – wellness insight and I love reading everything from Adriana Huffington

Louise Hay – Love yourself heal your life – game changer for self doubt and self loathing

Adrienne Herbert – Power Hour podcast

Tim Ferris – Tribe of Mentors – interviewed so many inspiring entrepreneurs, actors and business leaders, great for tips.


What lies ahead for you and Equanimity in 2020?

Building our presence in the corporate wellness space. Creating events and collaboration with wellness brands to raise awareness. Delivering more mental strength workshops for me personally, I love sharing tips that can help to improve mindset and make people feel better. Women’s Wellness is also a major focus, we are working with experts in the menopause arena to support women with yoga and mindfulness techniques so we can avoid more women having to quit their careers because they can’t cope.


Hannah Holt is the founder of Equanimity. To find out more, visit: